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Patient Documents & Policies

Patient Documentation & Policies

At Weaverville Family Medicine we know your life is busy so we want to make every visit to the doctor convenient and easy. Our website features a number of important online documents and policies that you can download, save, and print any time before your first or next appointment. Review the following information on the web at your leisure:

If you are a new patient save time by downloading our New Patient Package.

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy
Many patients visit our office when they or a family member are sick or ill, but our team can also help you when you are feeling well. Regularly scheduled physicals and routine tests help maintain optimal health and ensure you’ll stay healthier longer. Learn more about how to take care of your body with our Preventative Health Guidelines. Want additional preventative health support from our physicians and staff? Talk to your doctor about how we can assist you at your next appointment. We want to help you reach your health goals!

Patient Medical History
We take the privacy of our patients very seriously. Our practice meets and maintains all healthcare privacy standards. We are committed to protecting your medical history and patient information whether it’s stored in print or digitally. If you are a new patient, download our online patient forms (link to the Patient Forms page)before your first visit to learn more about our practice’s commitment to properly storing and maintaining patient medical information and history.

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