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Weaverville Family Medicine Associates, PA Preventive Health Guidelines

The “Preventive Health Guidelines” found on this page are based on recommendations of the Preventive Services Task Force of the American Academy of Family Physicians, The American Cancer Society, The American Academy of Pediatrics, The Canadian Task Force on Periodic Health Examinations, and our clinical experience.

The goal of a Health Screening Program is to prevent illness and identify problems in their early stages. Weaverville Family Medicine Associates has endorsed the guidelines listed here for all of our patients and their family members.

The program is designed to detect diseases before they are clinically apparent – that is, for individuals with “no problems” or in “good health.” Early detection can lead to an improved outcome. If you have a family history that makes one of these diseases more likely, screening on a more frequent basis is advisable. Any individual circumstances should be discussed with your provider to determine an interval appropriate for you.

PLEASE NOTE: The providers and staff at Weaverville Family Medicine Associates make every effort to provide quality, timely services to our patients. If you are told of a referral that will be made for you and do not receive an appointment within the next 5 days, or do not receive your laboratory results within 2 weeks from the testing date, please call our office for information.


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